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Avian Influenza
Welcome, Immune Diagnostics & Research specialize in diagnostics of immune responses in ferrets, mice and non human primate models.
We specialize in diagnostics of immune responses in ferrets, mice and non human primate models. IDR also develops immune reagents such as PCR primers, recombinant cytokines and chemokines, antibodies to cell surface proteins,antibodies to cytokines, cytokine receptors, chemokines, chemokine receptors, and other important immune related molecules.

IDR performs immune monitoring and immune modeling of ferrets infected with influenza, Avian Influenza, SARS, West Nile virus, and Dengue virus. We offer these services for the testing of vaccines, antivirals and immunotherapuetics.

IDR also performs discovery based research in the areas of host immune responses to viral and bacterial infections.

Immune Diagnostics & Research
MaRS Centre South Tower
101 College Street, 0-223
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M5G 1L7

tel: 416-673-8464
For general enquiries please contact
email: info@immunediagnosticsresearch.com

We offer the following influenza specific services:

  • Generation of animal hyperimmune sera to influenza viruses
  • Screening of sera by a variety of immunoassays to influenza
    - ELISA
    - Hemagglutinin Inhibition Assay
    - Microneutralization Assay
    - Custom assays
  • Growth and purification of influenza viruses in eggs and tissue culture
  • Screening of influenza vaccines and therapeutics in animal models
  • Screening of antivirals in In vitro, In ovo, and In vivo models
  • Isolation and expansion of influenza viruses from clinical samples
  • Screening of viral loads in tissues
    - In vitro
    - In ovo
    - qRTPCR
  • Development of polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies to influenza virus proteins
  • Characterization and testing of influenza diagnostic reagents
    - Sterility
    - Purity
    - Immunogenicity

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